What Kids Can Do

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There are many simple steps you can take to save energy. Check out the links below for helpful resources for kids to learn more about saving energy today.  

DOEKids Saving Energy
Learn how to save energy with Tinkerbell and her friends! Discover easy ways to use energy wisely in your home, play games and test your energy knowledge, and learn about renewable energy.

Energy StarEnergy Star Kids
Your planet needs you! Find out why! You can make big changes! Find out how! Join the Lorax, and be an energy star!

EIAEIA Energy Kids
Learn about energy basics, sources of energy, using and saving energy, and the history of energy. Check out games, activities, calculators, and tools.

 Kids Home Energy SavingsHome Energy Savings for Kids

Energy efficiency can go a long way towards preserving our natural resources and promoting a clean environment, so it is important for kids to learn and practice energy conservation. There are many things that kids can do to save energy around their home.