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What You Can Do

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There are many simple steps you can take to start saving energy and money today. You can find access to incentive and rebate information, tips for saving energy and even energy-conscious games right here. Whether you are a resident, business or kid, there are helpful resources below that can help you start saving energy today!

How to go solar

There are several routes to putting solar on your home. A good place to start is checking out the solar resources available to you from your energy provider (APS or SRP), as well as all of the wealth of information provided on the Energy Sage website (an unbiased cost estimator resource & information pool):

APS: Types of Solar, Incentives and more
SRP: Solar Electricity for Your Home
Energy Sage: To Buy, or To Lease



Solar FAQ 

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding solar. Answers presented here range from how solar panels work to financing options.