Building Retrofits

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Tempe is implementing its Energy Conservation Plan by updating lighting, rewiring controls, installing thermostats and sensors, and repairing mechanical equipment.

Project Schedule, Summary, and Updates

Project Schedule - Anticipated dates, energy conservation measures, and anticipated annual savings

Upgrades Summary - Check out the full list of upgrades coming to City of Tempe facilities.
Energy Conservation Project Status
Project Background


In 2010, Ameresco (formerly APS Energy Services) conducted an audit of 23 city facilities and identified ways to reduce energy consumption and utility costs. Through an energy performance agreement with the firm, city facilities will receive a variety of energy conservation upgrades over the next year, creating work for approximately 100 construction employees.

Tempe received $930,000 in Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant funds to partially cover program costs, which total $8.7 million, in addition to $373,000 in utility rebates.

The remaining project costs will be financed through special low-interest bonds, which will be paid over 15 years through utility cost savings of $550,670 per year due to reduced power consumption.

Reduced Costs, Reduced Emissions

These upgrades are anticipated to save $517,480 in electricity, $7,596 in water, $5,894 in natural gas, plus $9,701 in operating and maintenance costs each year. Tempe will save approximately 30% in annual energy costs for the 23 buildings getting energy-efficient equipment. .

In addition, these changes will reduce Tempe's CO2 emissions by 9,360,896 lbs per year, equivalent to an annual emissions savings of removing 804 passenger cars from the road, saving the energy from 574 typical American homes, or planting and growing 114,821 trees.