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By collaborating with internal and external stakeholders, Tempe can reach community and municipal goals while creating robust policies and programs.

Tempe’s Office of Sustainability has brought in over $1.5 million to advance sustainability and create resiliency.



Grants Graphic


  • "Involving Tempe” is referring to grants where Tempe is advocating for and partnering with other organizations in our community.
  • “Brought into Tempe’s budget” means the grants were given to Tempe and included in the budget for the fiscal year (FY). 

Tempe advances sustainability by looking to these five guiding principles.

  • Fiscal responsibility: Financially sound investments 

  • Enterprise: Investing in local businesses and new technologies 

  • Equity: Including all voices by addressing structural racism and equity challenges; targeted universalism.

  • Engagement: Community interaction and mutual understanding 

  • Effectiveness: Evidence-based solutions 

These guiding principles, that are also shaping the Climate Action Plan 2021 Update, will ensure that we are considering a holistic picture when pursuing action for a resilient Tempe.

Below are graphics visualizing the evolution of Tempe’s climate action from our completed grants to our current grants. 


Current Grants Graphic


Our completed grants mostly focused on Engagement and Effectiveness to ensure community and research-based knowledge was central to Tempe’s future climate action. From that foundation, we can now focus on Fiscal Responsibility, Equity, and Enterprise through a lens that benefits all members in our community.

Take a closer look at our current grants and our completed grants to see how we are achieving climate action.