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Community Gardens

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A garden tended by a community’s residents brings out the best in that community, becoming a source of fresh food, physical activity, recreation and civic pride for all who participate.  It also serves an important purpose, allowing Tempe residents to improve nutrition and gain control over the quality and variety of their food supply, while also supplying ample nutritious food to our food bank.

Community gardens can serve as a multifaceted intervention point to create sustainable cities, as these projects simultaneously cater to an individual’s well-being needs while providing overarching benefits to the community.

Community gardens on city property:

 The city entered lease agreements with two non-profits for the use of three park sites as community gardens.

Tempe Community Action Agency supports two community gardens, Escalante and Clark Park.



Escalante Community Garden

Established 2011


Escalante GardenEscalante community garden lettuce

An organic garden that follows a communal model. A portion of the garden’s produce goes to the volunteer members who labor two hours a week in the garden. Another portion of the garden’s harvest is given to the Tempe Community Action Agency Food Pantry to supplement emergency food boxes.


Debra Bacorn (480)422-8922 ext. 5884

Escalante Website


Clark Park Community Garden

Established 2014


Clark community garden carrots Clark Park Strich art

A collaborative effort of the Clark Park and Marilyn Ann Neighborhood Associations, and Tempe Community Action Agency. The garden was created in 2014 at the site of a former municipal pool. The garden includes community growing areas as well as fruit trees and 27 raised boxes available for rent to the community.  Two aquaponics gardens, an aeroponic Tower Garden growing system and a Xeric garden are also housed within the community garden.


Debra Bacorn (480)422-8922 ext. 5884

Clark Park Website 

Friendship Evergreen Community Garden at Ehrhardt Park

Established 2020 (under construction)

The city has partnered with Friendship Village to establish the garden. The proposed community garden space occupies approximately 39,860 square feet in an area adjacent to Friendship Village’s south wall. Use of the garden would be open to both Friendship Village and neighborhood residents. 

Friendship Evergreen Community Garden at Ehrhardt Park Website