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Climate Action Plan Public Process

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Tempe’s Climate Action Plan will impact how the city makes investments and takes actions to create lasting, positive environmental change. When the city takes action, in partnership with our residents, on improving our energy sources and a world-class transportation system, we make our city a great place to live and we reduce our impact on global climate change. Through a public process, twelve actions have been identified to move forward on energy, transportation and extreme heat.

Join us to work on how we develop support for these actions that ensures that Tempe is: A city that mobilizes a clean energy economy in Arizona Resilience hubs, Solar car charging, Financing for energy upgrades, Business engagement, A 20-minute city with diverse transportation options, Electric vehicles, Autonomous vehicles, Travel demand management, Road configuration, A city that is more resilient to extreme heat, Urban Forestry, Green infrastructure, Emergency management, and Building codes.

Let’s work together to invest in a Tempe where all residents can thrive while contributing to the global sustainability movement.


Climate Action Plans help cities decide how to make investments and take actions to create lasting, positive environmental change. Once the Climate Action Plan is adopted, Tempe will have a defined path forward carbon neutrality and will continue to lead global cities in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The plan will include specific strategies, goals, actions and supporting measures.

Tempe will focus climate action efforts on lowering carbon emissions in transportation and energy and adapting to extreme heat.  

Tempe is working with residents, businesses and stakeholders on a Climate Action Plan, which will be considered by the Council in fall 2019. The plan will describe a shared roadmap for how the city would like to move forward by initially focusing on energy, emissions, transportation and extreme heat. An engaged community is a critical element in addressing climate change. Together, the team will be looking to the community for ideas and recommendations to ensure a plan is developed that is achievable and reflective of our city’s culture and values.