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Strategic Management Intern Program

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The Strategic Management and Diversity Office sponsors the Strategic Management Intern Program.  The program began in August 2018.  The interns provide academic and vocational expertise along with applied research to specific projects that support City Council's Strategic Priorities and Performance Measures. The 12 – week internship delivers professional development through required and optional activities for both the intern and the site supervisor, with structured recruitment, orientation, performance planning, project management, networking, and program evaluation. Tempe’s first-ever centralized program provides funding for intern stipends and program administration for city departments' work on Council Priorities and Performance Measures.  Intern candidates are selected through a matching process based on the intern’s skills, knowledge, and abilities best-suited to advance the needs of the project.  Eligible projects are assessed for specific project deliverables, impact on performance measures identified in the community and business surveys as well as alignment to accelerate achievement of performance targets. To be eligible for the program, applicants must be currently enrolled in a post-secondary institution (university, community college, vocational/trades school)

What you will Get

Strategic Management Interns will gain meaningful and practical work experience while developing their professional skills.  Internships provide avenues for career exploration and networking.  Interns work under the direction of a designated city leader performing specific and general job duties that prepares them successfully to enter the workforce upon graduation.  To begin the journey that will change your career, start by completing an online application (hyperlink to How to get Started page).

Interns are paid an hourly stipend of $13/hour (undergraduate) or $15/hour (graduate) with a maximum of 19.5 hours during the internship period, typically 10-12 weeks in the Fall and Spring semesters.

As a graduate of the internship program, you may use your experience in any career field you choose. Some alumni will choose to continue in public service and apply for open positions with the city while others will go on to private, nonprofit and academic careers.

What you will Give

Strategic Management Interns will advance community priorities by contributing and applying their classroom experience with their skills, knowledge, and abilities.

Key Resources

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