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Open Tempe

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The City of Tempe is committed to transparency and to providing accurate and easy to access data about our community. Below are three tools you can use to get information about our community’s finances, service performance and more.

If you would like more details, please contact our Office of Strategic Management and Diversity at 480 350-2905 or email us.

strategic management web

Strategic Management
The Tempe City Council set five priorities for the community. The Office of Strategic Management and Diversity is working with every department to find measurements to ensure that our city’s actions reflect these priorities.  In coming months, we will reveal a dashboard that shows our goals and our efforts to attain them.

open data webTempe Open Data Portal 
Access and download datasets about the City of Tempe whenever you want without the need for a public records request.  The portal offers about 40 data sets at this time, with more to come.  No private information is used in these datasets. Tempe will continue to protect resident privacy, confidentiality, and security.

OpenData_to_Data_AcademyData Academy
Find videos and other resources that will help you understand how to look at data, use an online map and create your own maps, as well as how to navigate City of Tempe’s Open Data Portal and Performance Measure website. Check back regularly for more resources. 


open books webOpen Books
Get a better understanding of Tempe’s financial data through Open Books. Review Tempe’s revenues and expenses from historical trends to line item level details at any time. The annual budget, capital improvements program, comparative costs of services and many other financial documents are available in five different kinds of charts and tables.


performance portal 100

Performance Portal
Tempe City Council has set Strategic Priorities, overarching goals that are important to our community, such as safe and secure communities, quality of life, sustainable development and more.

Since that time, City of Tempe staff has worked to create measurable goals that feed into those priorities and help us achieve them. The Performance Portal shows our progress.