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Preventing and Reducing Opioid Abuse

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Opioid addiction is a national problem. Tempe is committed to reducing opioid addiction in our community through compassionate programs, scientific research, GIS data and more. 

EVENT: Opioid Town Hall 

If someone you love is battling addiction, this event will be a safe space to get resources. Meet people from treatment centers, support groups, healthcare facilities and more at tables set up inside the museum and learn what you can do. 

Event: 10 a.m. to noon
Expert Panel: 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.
Saturday, Feb. 2
Tempe History Museum
809 E. Southern Ave., Tempe

Expert Panel Participants

Moderator: Tempe City Councilmember and Phoenix Firefighter Joel Navarro
Bringing together science, compassion and regional resources to reduce addiction

Arizona State University scientist Rolf Halden
How measuring opioid traces in wastewater can help prevention efforts

Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Asst. Chief Andrea Glass
How overdose affects people, families, the community and the next steps in recovery

Tempe Coalition,  Pathway Program Director Josh Azevedo
How support services and treatment help prevent and reduce addiction

Get online and in-person resources to help the people you care about.

Opioid Resource Map
Learn about the impact opioid abuse has regionally, how to help prevent addiction and how to treat it on this map-based webpage. Get answers to question such as: How do I know if the drug I've been prescribed is an opioid? Where can I drop off unneeded prescription drugs? Where are treatment centers?  

Tempe Coalition
Tempe Coalition helps reduce youth risk behaviors and promotes health and wellness through awareness, education, advocacy and connecting community resources.

Tempe St. Luke's 
St. Luke’s Behavioral Health Center offers an alcohol treatment and counseling program for adults ages 18 and older. Its 12-step program uses cognitive behavioral approaches to help adults achieve and maintain sobriety. For more information about this local alcohol treatment and counseling program, call (602) 251-8535 or (800) 821-4193.

Tempe Fire Medical Rescue
Learn about prevention efforts in our community. 

Mountainpark Health Center
Emergency services, mental health treatment and more is available here. 

EMS Call Dashboard
Tempe Fire Medical Rescue responds to medical calls that may be a result of opioid overdose. The City of Tempe uses this data and map to determine where prevention resources are best allocated and to help prepare for calls. The map can indicate when and where it is more likely that overdose calls might happen.