Mixed Bulk Trash & Green Organics

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Program information:  

Tempe has enhanced its Mixed Bulk Trash and Green Organics program to provide a more environmentally-friendly service while also reducing costs, fuel usage and vehicle emissions. The this program includes convenient mixed bulk trash collection and an optional program to recycle and compost most of your yard trimmings. Tempe residents receive bulk trash collection every other month for all of the bulky items that can’t fit in your regular trash bin. The green organics collection happens three times a year and coincides with trimming seasons. The green organic material is taken to our facility and turned into compost, which is returned to community parks, schools and given to residents. The city also provides seasonal drop off locations for Christmas trees and special collections during monsoon season.

Please check your area map at the link below for your collection schedule. Note to homeowners: City code states that landscapers cannot utilize alleys for disposal - only homeowners who do the work themselves can place their green waste in alleys.

2018 Bulk Trash and Green Organics Full Schedule

NEW 2019 Schedule Available!

2019 Bulk Trash and Green Organics Full Schedule

Mixed Bulk Trash

Tempe residents receive mixed bulk trash pickups every other month. This material is too big to fit into your regular black trash bin. All of the bulk trash will be taken to the landfill. 

Acceptable Items

  • Furniture, large items 
  • Non-Freon appliances (washers and microwaves)

Unacceptable Items

  • Appliances with Freon (refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, ac units)
  • Hazardous materials (paints, oil)
  • Construction and remodeling waste (drywall, flooring and roofing materials)
  • Tires  

These items can be recycled at Tempe's Household Products Collection Center

Green Organics

The city has also reinvented its Green Organics program, which turns most yard waste into nutrient-rich compost. These optional pickups will occur seasonally, in spring, fall and winter, to coincide with the growing and trimming seasons. There will be a total of 3 pickups each year. Instead of going to the landfill, this material is taken to the city’s composting facility where it is recycled. 

Acceptable Items

  • Tree trimmings and brush (tree limbs, branches, trunks and stumps) 4 foot lengths max or less and no more than 19 inches in diameter. 
  • Leaves, pine needles, grass, small hedge clippings and weeds (placed in cardboard box or compostable bag)
  • Cactus clippings (placed in cardboard box)
  • Palm fronds and oleanders (These were previously not accepted. Now they are!)

Unacceptable Items

  • Bulk trash items (as listed above) 
  • Hazardous materials (paints, oil) 

Green Bin Pilot Program

  • Yard waste, including grass
  • Palm fronds and oleanders are not yet accepted into the green bins.
  • Click here for specific pilot program information which varies from other City collections programs. 

General Guidelines

Collection amount 

The amount of green and mixed waste allowed for each collection will be limited to approximately 10 cubic yards – roughly the size of a small compact car. 

When to put your material out

Items should be placed out for collection no earlier than 10 days prior to the Monday of your collection week and no later than 5:30 a.m. on Monday of your collection week. Residents with alleys: Please consider placing your items out the weekend immediately prior to the start of your collection week to reduce contamination and increase diversion from the landfill.  Place all items in the alley along your fence line so the collection vehicles can pass. Bulky items must be a minimum of four feet from utility boxes and four feet from the green organics bulk pile. 

Helpful tip: Plan your major brush and bulk disposal projects around the city’s collection schedule to avoid putting out your material too early. Residents who place their material out prior to the 10-day rule are subject to fines.   

Alternative Pickup Options

Need service during your off-month? Tempe residents have two convenient alternatives to curbside and alley pickup.   

Transfer station/public dump

Tempe residents have access to a transfer station for delivering bulk trash - up to 1,000 pounds, once per month - at no charge:

Sky Harbor has instituted a new safety regulation  that all residents are required to wear safety vests while at the Transfer Station. If visitors do not have one they can purchase one at Sky Harbor for $1.00. 

Call-in service

Residents can request a Bulk Trash or Green Organics pickup outside of their regular schedule for a fee. Call 480.350.4311 for current prices or to schedule a pickup.

Free Compost! 

Free compost pickups available 24/7 at Tempe’s compost yard - located at 55 North Rio Road (near the intersection of Rio Salado Parkway and Hardy Drive). Please bring your own buckets and shovels.

Green organics drop-offs and compost pick-ups: 

Mondays: By appt. only

Tuesday – Saturday: 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Sundays and major holidays: closed

Clean green 

Please remember that all incoming green organics material to the compost facility is to be free of any other material! Only clean green. Mixed loads will not be accepted. 

  • Green organics are collected during the bulk trash pickups three times a year. 
  • Green organics curbside bins are available in pilot areas across the city.