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Off Duty

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Welcome to the City of Tempe Police Department's Off Duty Page.  

Off Duty employment is department approved employment for entities outside the Tempe Police Department where the potential use of law enforcement powers is anticipated.  All Off Duty jobs are coordinated through the Tempe Police Off Duty Coordinator whose contact information is at the bottom of the page.

Some of the jobs off duty officers typically do are:

  • Traffic control at constructions sites
  • Security at various businesses
  • Traffic control at churches
  • Security at various school functions
  • Security at Special Events

Persons/businesses scheduling Off Duty work must sign a contract in order to post for Officers to work a job.

Advance notice of at least 72 hours is required for the hiring of an officer.

24 hours’ written notice is required in order to cancel a job.  Officers who have responded to the station or job site for Off Duty that are subsequently cancelled will be paid for 3 hours, which is the responsibility of the hiring party.

Both Officer and Sergeant current rate of pay is indicated on the attached contract with a (3) hour minimum.

Contact Information:

Off Duty Coordinator can be reached at PD-OffDutyCoordinator@Tempe.Gov or 480-350-8789.

Off Duty Contract listed below.

Off Duty Agreement FY 2019-2020