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Tempe passed new rules for bike and scooter riders, find out what you need to know here.

About Testing

You begin the application process by completing the online application.  Recruit and lateral candidates complete the same application and test the same day.  Within 10 days of applications closing, more information such as the specific test location and time along with background questionnaires will be emailed to those who successfully applied. 

An SJWAT written examination candidate orientation guide can be purchased from the test company.  Follow download and payment instructions on the test company website and refer all questions related to the SJWAT candidate orientation guide to the test company.

The physical agility test has three components and you must pass all three to move forward in the process. 

  • 1½ mile run in no more than 13:56 minutes
  • 21 or more pushups in no more than 1:00 minute
  • 31 or more sit-ups in no more than 1:00 minute

You will complete the written examination after the physical agility test.  You must receive a 70% or better to pass and upon doing so you are placed on the eligibility list. 

The eligibility list expires one year from your application date. 

AzPOST certified police officers don't complete the written exam and move directly to the eligibility list after successful completion of the physical agility test. 

A background interview is scheduled for the most qualified candidates, during which an investigator will speak with you and complete a thorough review of your professional and personal history.  

You may be scheduled for a polygraph examination after the background interview. 

A number of you will be scheduled for a panel interview after the polygraph examination.  We will contact you should you move to this phase of the process. 

Depending on the number of positions the department needs to fill, a conditional job offer will be extended to a candidate.  If you are given a conditional offer of employment you will complete additional test phases. 

A psychological evaluation ensures you are prepared for a successful career as a police officer. 

The medical examination is completed after you successfully complete the psychological evaluation.

You will also retake and need to successfully complete the physical agility test. 

Did You know?  Though most of our officers choose to serve our community for 25 or more years, many others serve for several years before moving into other professions.  Still others join to us as a second career after working in the private sector or completing their military service.    


A note for our out-of-state applicants, you must be in Tempe to complete all phases starting with the physical agility test and written exam.  We will attempt to minimize your travel during subsequent test phases.

Out-of-state police officers who are offered employment may be required to attend the police academy in Arizona.  If you are an out-of-state officer you may choose to contact a recruiter for more information.  |  480 858-6098 or 1 877 TPD AND U (1 877 873-2638)