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Parking Enforcement

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The Tempe Police Department Traffic Division is committed to ensuring the smooth flow of vehicles on the City's main thoroughfares as well as its neighborhood streets. One way this is accomplished is through the diligent efforts of our Traffic Enforcement Aides.

If there is a parking violation currently in progress, please call the non-emergency Tempe Police Dispatch number at 480-350-8311 to place a call for service.


Traffic Enforcement Aide by her work vehicle.   Traffic Enforcement truck and a brown van

To submit a neighborhood concern, please fill out the

On-line parking concern form

 To report a concern, or operational issue directly related to the parking meters in the downtown area of Mill Avenue, please contact the DTC (Downtown Tempe Community) at 480-921-2300.

The purpose of our Traffic Enforcement Aides is to enforce parking restrictions and prohibitions throughout the City. This allows for better visibility on crowded streets, clear access to private driveways, closer parking for those with disabilities, and clear access for emergency vehicles.

Here is a list of common parking violations. Please refer to the Tempe City Code(TCC) for detailed descriptions.

  • Vehicles parked on sidewalks require people to walk around the vehicle onto the street and into a possible hazardous situation. (TCC 19-91)
  • Vehicles parked to close to a stop sign, or fire hydrant can cause a public safety hazard. (TCC 19-91)
  • Vehicles parked in fire lanes make it difficult for emergency vehicles to have easy access when responding to emergency situations. (TCC 19-92)
  • Abandoned, inoperable or unregistered vehicles parked for more than 24 hours take away from the value and the appearance of our neighborhoods. (TCC 19-100)
  • Vehicles parked in handicapped spaces, even for just a few moments, limit access to individuals who are in need of close parking. (TCC 19-93)

The Tempe Police Department greatly appreciates your efforts in keeping our city streets a safe place for our children, residents, and visitors.