Field Operations

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The men and women of the Tempe Police Field Operations have the primary responsibility for responding to calls for service and providing quality police services. Patrol provides first response to all calls for service and emergencies.

Employees of the Patrol Division conduct criminal investigations, enforce state and local laws, and work with the community on a myriad of public safety issues. Patrol officers also write reports, testify in court and are proficient in crime prevention and crime reduction strategies. The Patrol Division is the most visible section of the police department, providing around the clock service to citizens and visitors of Tempe. For the purposes of command, control and resource allocation, the City of Tempe is divided into patrol zones - click here for a detailed Zone Map

The men and women of the Patrol Division are dedicated to the community in which they serve.

David Humble

Assistant Police Chief
Field Operations


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Tactical Response Team
One of the best ways the Patrol Division can impact crime is through the use of the Tactical Response Team (TRU). The TRU is responsible for helping to attack crime trends in our neighborhoods.  All members of the TRU are also tactically trained officers; they are ready and available to assist during high risk operations and the serving of search warrants.  The TRU brings a new evolution of community policing to the Police Department; these types of teams have proven themselves to be a very important resource in solving specific crime trends and reducing crime in our community. 

Administrative Assistants
The Administrative Assistants of the Patrol Bureau provide a wide variety of clerical work including filing, billing, verifying and records keeping. Administrative Assistants are also responsible for compiling and organizing data and background materials and preparing a variety of statistical, financial, operational and special project reports.

Service Aides
The Patrol Service Aides are extremely crucial in the day to day operation of the Patrol Bureau. They are responsible for coordination of the repair and maintenance of the patrol vehicle fleet as well an ensuring proper equipment and forms are available to the patrol officers. In addition, the Service Aides are also charged with transporting interoffice mail between all police facilities within the City of Tempe.