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Ride-Along Program 

The Ride-Along Program is designed to give citizens a first-hand view of Police Officers and the Department in the delivery of police services. Citizens who are eligible to participate in this program will be allowed to ride no more than once every six months unless special circumstances exist. Special circumstances are reviewed on a case by case basis.  

Citizen observers who are approved to participate in the Ride-Along program:

  • Tempe Police Department employees
  • Bona fide applicants for the Tempe Police Department (those currently participating in the hiring process)
  • Tempe Police Department volunteers
  • Dignitaries - politicians, community leaders, etc. as determined by a Patrol Lieutenant
  • Citizen's Police Academy, Tempe Leadership, Citizen’s Review Board, Tempe Police Chaplains, Tempe Police Explorers (under 18 requires parent or guardian's written approval)
  • Immediate family members or friends of the participating officer (complete application and supervisor approval is required)

A Ride-Along application must be completed and the liability waiver on the application form must be signed before the citizen participates in the program. Applications must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the date that the applicant would like to participate in the ride along.

Eligible participants 16 and 17 years of age must have the approval of a parent or guardian. A parent or guardian must sign the liability waiver prior to the Ride-Along being scheduled.

Ride-Along applications will be forwarded to the Records Bureau for the appropriate background checks. Applicants with a misdemeanor conviction within the past six months, pending criminal charges, or a previous felony conviction will not be allowed to participate in the Ride-Along program. Other incidents will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

ASU/College Students: Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate students for our Ride-Along program. However, the ASU Police Department does offer Ride-Alongs to ASU students.  Please log on to for more information.

To receive a Ride-Along application or to determine your eligibility, please contact the Tempe Police Department Ride-Along Program Line at 480.350.8683.