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Patrol Zones & Contacts

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The Police Department separates Tempe into six (6) zones for deployment, response and problem solving purposes. Patrol Lieutenants are responsible for their zones and work with community members, business owners, schools and other groups within the zones to address crime and public safety.

Please direct inquiries to the responsible Zone Lieutenant listed below.  A Zone Map is provided below if you are not sure which Zone your home or business falls in.

Lt. Scott Smith  480-350-8622

Lt. Bill Cullins  480-858-6459

ZONE 3 & 5
Lt. Chris McCormick  480-858-6497

ZONE 4 & 6
Lt. Kerby Rapp  480-350-8660

Central City Bureau
Lt. Chris Coppersmith  480-858-6162

Metro Bureau
Lt. Jim Sweig  480-858-8116

Traffic Bureau
Lt. James Peterson  480-858-6141

City of Tempe Map Showing Patrol Zones