In response to the growing complaints at the neighborhood level regarding quality of life issues and the possible correlation between crime and rentals, the city has created a new program where owners of rental properties can be alerted to possible criminal violations. If you are an owner of a rental property and have registered with the City of Tempe and the Maricopa County Assessor’s Office, you can sign up for this program to receive automatic e-mails when a Tempe Police Officer responds to your listed rental property.

Owners of rental properties soon find that the problems associated with criminal activity are beyond their ability to control. It cannot be resolved by law enforcement intervention alone due to landlord-tenant and privacy laws. To solve the problem it requires a community-based solution like the Crime Free Rental Housing Program.  The Crime Free Rental Housing Program is a unique crime prevention program designed to reduce crimes, drugs, and gangs on small rental properties.

What is the Crime Free Single Family Rental Housing Program?

The program consists of three phases that are completed under the supervision of Tempe Police Crime Prevention Unit.  Homeowners and property managers can become individually certified after the successful completion of all three phases.

Crime Free Single Family Rental Housing Program Advantages:

•A stable more satisfied tenant base

•Increased demand for rental units with a reputation for active ownership/management

•Improved personal safety for residents and the neighborhood

•Direct communication with the police department when an officer responds to a call for service at your specified address(es)

Here is an outline of the program:

Step I - Click on the link below to watch a short slideshow presentation about the program. Once this is done please move on to step two.  To advance through the slide show please click on the double arrows on the bottom left.  To return to this page for step two click on the upper right web page (back) arrow.

Crime Free Slide Show

Step II - Property Owners please click on the three document links below and print out the forms.

Once you have completed filling out the forms, please e-mail or fax (480-858-6339) them to the coordinator to complete the second phase of the program.

Send E-mail to:

Step III -

  • Police send e-mails to property owners when officers respond to the listed address.
  • Owners may utilize a free web page for additional information on police calls to or near their respective address (
  • Owners may contact Tempe Police Records Bureau to request police reports to assist in issuing notices (i.e., 10-days notices, evictions)   Click here to go to the Records web page
  • Owners and managers are invited to attend on-going monthly training during the lunch hour.  Held on the 4th Thursday of every month.