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Crime Prevention

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crime prevention patch white backgroundThe primary goal of the Crime Prevention Unit is to help educate citizens on how to reduce their risk of being a victim of crime.

Our statistics show that a high percent of residential burglaries occur through unlocked doors and windows. Each year, vehicles are stolen because people leave the keys in the car while it is warming up in their driveway or while the driver goes into the store for coffee. And, with too much frequency, items such as tools, purses, cell phones, laptops and the like are often stolen from vehicles because they are left in plain sight whether in the driveway at home or in a shopping center.

Simple preventative steps, such as locking the doors and windows of your home or never leaving valuables in your vehicles will reduce the likelihood of becoming a property crime victim.

Officers from the crime prevention unit are available to assist with neighborhood watch programs, children and adult safety programs, robbery and theft prevention, sexual assault prevention, as well as work place violence and other awareness programs.


The Crime Prevention Unit consists of four Police Officers who are dedicated to specific areas of the City. For contact information for your Crime Prevention Officer please see the details below. 

If you have questions about Crime Prevention, or need a Security Plan for your business, please contact Tempe Crime Prevention at 480-858-6330.

Bike Registration

There are many different programs that allow you to register your bicycle. The Tempe Police recommend using a National Registry program so that if your bicycle is taken out of the state, it can still be located. Click here to learn more about this FREE program: Bike Registration


Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

Crime Free Multi-Housing training is a one-day educational program that includes information on applicant screening, rental agreements, identification of illegal activity, eviction processes, roles of working with the police, inspections, and proactive property management. For more information on available training dates, times, and locations, please contact Detective Erwin at


Neighborhood Watch

neigborhood watch guyNo one person or law enforcement agency can be aware of every situation that occurs in a neighborhood at all times. That is why neighbors are the best defense against crime. Neighborhood watch is a cooperative effort between your individual neighborhood and the Tempe Police Department. Each neighborhood elects a "Block Captain" who coordinates information in their neighborhood and acts as a liaison with the police. The program encourages neighbors to get to know each other and to protect themselves from criminal activity.  Once a neighborhood has filled the needed Neighborhood Watch requirements, then watch signs will be posted in your neighborhood to recognize your accomplishment and to show that you actively work with the police.

Internet Transaction Location

Buying or selling an item on the internet?  Planning to meet with a stranger to exchange an item for cash? Consider your safety!  The City of Tempe has established a location under video surveillance for anyone wishing to meet in a neutral public area.

Tempe Police Headquarters Lobby, 120 E. Fifth Street, Tempe, AZ 85281.  Parking across the street, S/W corner of 5th and Forest, 1st hour free.  Hours are 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.
As with all City facilities, no weapons, hazardous materials, illegal drugs, or animals (except service animals) allowed.  City employees are prohibited from providing advice on transaction items, researching criminal history or acting as witnesses for any private transaction.

G.A.I.N. - Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods

G.A.I.N. or Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods is an annual event designed to unite neighbors and communities to help create safer neighborhoods. Formerly known as National Night Out, G.A.I.N. encourages residents to get together in their respective communities to promote safety, neighborhood communication and celebrate the successes of crime prevention through community involvement.

For more information on G.A.I.N. visit:

Community Crime Alerts & Prevention

Community Crime Alerts & Prevention is an email alert system focused on informing Tempe businesses and citizens of potential dangers, providing crime prevention techniques, and keeping the lines of communication open. To join, simply complete the eNotification portion of our web site making sure to select the Police Community Alerts & News.

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Student Safety and Educational Resources

Tempe prides itself on having many great resources available to help all students achieve academic success and stay safe during the school year. Students from kindergarten through graduate school can access tips and information on student safety, educational resources, transportation options and integration opportunities with the community at large. 

Home Security Surveys

A representative from the Tempe Police will come to your home and give you recommendations on physical security improvements that may reduce the chances of becoming the victim of a burglary. If you are interested in a survey, please call 480-858-6330 to schedule an appointment.

Need an 'Authority to Arrest for Trespass' Letter?  Fax completed copy to 480-858-6339


Contact your Crime Prevention Officer 
at 480-858-6330