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When You Call for Help

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With Water-related Issues

Water woes?  

When customers call with a request or complaint there are several questions Tempe staff may ask to determine what actions may be needed. Reading the following questions and having the answers ready will help the staff help you. Once you have looked over these questions,

Please call Tempe 411 at (480)350-4311 for further assistance.

How would you describe what is happening?
How long have you noticed it?
Have you noticed it before?
Has there been a long period of nonuse?
Do you notice it in both the hot and cold taps?
Do you notice it in both the kitchen and bath?
Do you notice it both inside and outside taps?
Do you know if your neighbors are experiencing the same?
Do you have any type of water treatment devices inside your home?
Did you know the City is responsible for water quality only to the water meter?

From the meter throughout the home, apt., etc. water quality may be effected by the internal plumbing and therefore is the homeowner's responsibility. If the City comes to collect a sample it will be taken from the outside tap nearest the water meter. You may want to collect a sample (in a clean glass container) to compare to the outside sample. This way you can determine if the internal plumbing is having an affect on the water quality.