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Annual Water Report History

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Water Quality Report or Consumer Confidence Report

Water Quality Reports also called Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR's) are annual reports provided to explain the local water quality issues for the previous year. The report addresses the sources and quality of Tempe’s drinking water and provides information on water sampling results throughout the year. Those samples help ensure that city drinking water is in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations.

In an effort to conserve resources, Tempe will no longer mail copies of this report. Community members can read it here at Residents may call 480-350-2678 to request a paper copy. A limited number of printed reports will also be available at the Tempe Public Library and community centers.  

The report is for the previous calendar year for example Jan.- Dec. 2018 report will be available before July of 2019. 

Tempe will notify customers of the report availability by July 1st of each year. Contact us at 480-350-4311 for additional information about these CCR's. 

English   Spanish CCR 
CCR 2019 PDF   Spanish CCR 2019 PDF 
CCR 2018 PDF   Spanish CCR 2018 PDF 
CCR 2017 PDF   Spanish CCR 2017 PDF
CCR 2016 PDF
  Spanish CCR 2016 PDF
CCR 2015 PDF   Spanish CCR 2015 PDF
CCR 2014 PDF   Spanish CCR 2014 PDF
CCR 2013 PDF   Spanish CCR 2013 PDF
CCR 2012 PDF   Spanish CCR 2012 PDF
CCR 2011 PDF   Spanish CCR 2011 PDF
CCR 2010 PDF   Spanish CCR 2010 PDF
CCR 2009 PDF   Spanish CCR 2009 PDF
CCR 2008 PDF   Spanish CCR 2008 PDF
CCR 2007 PDF   Spanish CCR 2007 PDF
CCR 2006 PDF   Spanish CCR 2006 PDF
CCR 2005 PDF
CCR 2004 PDF
CCR 2003 PDF
CCR 2002 PDF
CCR 2001 PDF
CCR 2000 PDF
CCR 1999 PDF
CCR 1998 PDF