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University Heights / Hudson Manor Neighborhood Water Line Project

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Project Area:

The area for the new water line includes both Hudson Manor and University Heights neighborhood streets, Apache Blvd. from Dorsey Rd. to McClintock Dr., University Dr. from Rural Rd. to McClintock Dr. and McClintock Dr. from University Dr. to Apache Blvd. The existing water line will be abandoned in place to minimize construction impacts to the sidewalks, front lawn areas, streets, etc.  New water service connections to existing customer water meters will require some digging in front yards.  All disturbed areas will be restored by the contractor. In addition, new fire hydrants will be installed within the City right-of-way or within easements.

Construction will start in University Heights the second week of September and in Hudson Manor in early October. Construction on McClintock Dr. is anticipated to begin in mid-October. The active work zones will be kept to a reasonable size – approximately the linear footage that crews can install over two days.

 The progression of the project:

  • Potholing of street to locate utilities
  • Saw cutting of street / excavation of trench for new line
  • Laying of new pipe / backfilling
  • Dig lateral connections to meters
  • Flush pipes / disinfect
  • Connect new line to individual homes and businesses

At the conclusion of the work above, the streets with be slurry sealed


  • Interruption of water service

Prior to connecting homes and businesses to the new line, mock shutdowns will also be used to verify which services are impacted.  These are quick shutdowns that last for about 10-15 minutes.  Residents are not typically given advance notice of these mock shutdowns due to the short duration, but if your household has medical or other special needs for water, please contact Neighborhood Services and the construction team will work to accommodate individual residents.When connecting businesses and homes to the new line, water service must be shutdown, typically for 4-6 hours.  Residents and businesses will be notified prior to water service interruptions by door hangers or in person 48 hours in advance of the shutdown. 

  • Traffic/parking

Traffic flow and parking will be restricted in the active work areas to provide for the safety of both the workers and the public. This will include some temporary no parking zones and detours, and in some cases the use of flaggers.  For your safety, please be patient when traveling in work zones and make sure you have eye contact with heavy equipment when in close proximity.  Please observe all posted no parking.  Keeping the area clear of cars will allow crews to make quicker progress through the neighborhood.  If necessary, cars that are left in work zones will be towed. 

  •  Night work

Work hours will generally fall within the typical 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. timeframe as allowed by ordinance.  However, if the new water line is connected to the businesses, it will be necessary to work off typical hours so as not to interrupt service during their hours of operation. Residents and affected businesses will be given advance notice of any necessary “off hours” work by door hangers.

  • Access to homes and businesses

The active work area will progress through the neighborhood in stages to minimize disruption.  Access to driveways will be maintained throughout the construction period using metal plates to cover trenches where work is underway.  Please assist the crew by planning a little extra time for trips out of your driveway. If you see construction in your immediate area, please give the onsite crew notice so they can assist you out of your driveway.


  • Postcards: Neighborhood Services will mail out updates to residents with important information as needed. Please be on the lookout for these resident communications in your mailbox.
  • Email notifications: Residents who have signed into an entered an email address will receive email notifications in addition to door hangers and postcards.
  • Door hangers: The City’s contractor will be placing door hangers to inform residents of water interruptions 48 hours before water is shut off. Please check your doors for these important notifications.