Brentwood Manor / Tempe Royal Palms Water Line Project

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In May of 2017, the City's contractor, Achen Gardner, began work on the replacement of waterlines in the Brentwood Manor and Tempe Royal Palms neighborhoods. The project area is bounded by Alameda Dr. on the north, Southern Ave. on the south; College Ave. on the west, and Dorsey Ln. on the east.  This investment in Tempe's infrastructure will ensure continued reliable service. 

The scope of work includes approximately nine miles of 4”, 6”, 8” and 12” ductile iron pipe waterlines.  Also included in this project are water valves and service connections, fire hydrants, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, pavement replacement, and other features.  All streets impacted by the waterline construction will be finished with a full-width surface rehabilitation pavement finish and all impacted pavement markings will be restored.

The project is in its final phase which includes resurfacing the streets and laying down pavement markings. The maps below shows dates for the slurry sealing.  Final pavement markings will be placed after the pavement has had 30 days to cure- at the end of July.

Brentwood Cavalier neighborhood:

slurry map brentwoodRural Geneva neighborhood:
map slurry rg



Postcards: Neighborhood Services will mail out updates to residents with important information. Please be on the lookout for these resident communications in your mailbox if you live in the project area.

Door hangers: The City’s contractor will be placing door hangers to inform residents of water interruptions 48 hours before water is shut off.  If you live in the affected neighborhood please check your doors for these important notifications starting in the fall.