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Roach Control

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Sewer Roaches

Tempe regularly sprays its manholes with a paint that contains an insecticide to help control sewer roaches. There are over 9,100 manholes and 1100 clean-outs in Tempe. Though these are regularly treated, the city does not treat privately owned sewer systems on private property or in any part of the storm drain system.

How it works:

The City is divided into North and South sections by I-60. The manholes and clean-outs north of I-60 are treated one year, and the next year manholes and clean-outs south of I-60 are treated. The following year, the north section is treated again, and so on.

Helpful Tips for Controlling Roaches:

  • Keep drains covered if not used for long periods of time
  • Make sure all drains in your home are used at least once per week. Regular usage maintains a water barrier in the P-trap (the U-shaped pipe underneath each sink and fixture) and prevents vapors and pests in the line between your home and the main sewer from entering the home through the plumbing.
  • Pour one cup of household bleach down each drain in your home. Doing this will flush out any pests within your sewer pipes and make the water in the P-traps undrinkable for any pests that may be using the sinks and drains as a "watering hole".
  • Use a professional exterminating company to regularly treat your home both inside and out.A one-time treatment only provides temporary reduction in pests.

If you feel there is still a problem with sewer roaches in your area please call 480-350-2837.