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The City of Tempe is excited to introduce you to the WaterSmart Online Water Use Portal. 

It's part of the city's commitment to provide our customers with the best tools to increase awareness of water use, inspire conservation and save money.


New to WaterSmart? Sign up for free access today using your utility billing account number and zip code. 

Already signed up? Visit WaterSmart and enter the email address and password that you set up at registration.

What is WaterSmart?
What is GPD? What is HGALs?
What alerts and notifications can I receive?
I received a leak alert. What should I do?
I received a high usage alert in an email. What does it mean?
What is a WaterScore?
What can I do to improve the accuracy of my recommendations?
Where does data about my home or property come from?
Who do I contact if I have questions or feedback about aspects of the Customer Portal?
How to I link and navigate multiple accounts?
How do I manage account settings and notification preferences for linked accounts?
How do I download my meter read data?