Water Consultation

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Tempe offers free water efficiency consultations to residents. These are one-on-one consults located on-site at the resident's home. Together, the resident and Tempe water conservation staff will walk your landscape, check for leaks, review irrigation controller (clock) settings, discuss past water use trends, and make recommendations on how to manage water more efficiently. For residents with large landscapes (or by request), staff can also generate a water conservation budget to provide an idea of how much water your landscape and home should be using. 

This service is designed to provide residents with the education, resources, and information needed  to manage the water efficiency of the home to save both water and money.

Interested in signing up for a free consultation? Please submit a Water Consultation form through the new WaterSmart Portal. You may also send a message including your name and address by voicemail at (480) 350-8351 or conservation@tempe.gov. If any accommodations are needed, please feel free to call or email to discuss the details. Additionally, you will also be invited to describe any special accommodations needed in the Water Consultation Form. 

The WaterSmart Portal

 Already received a consultation? Please let us know how it went by completing the Water Consultation Survey

Have you checked for a leak? If not, use the Smart Home Water Guide to help confirm and locate your leak so you can make repairs as soon as possible.