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Tap into Tempe's water conversation news, articles, and tips. Learning about your water is a key to living a sustainable life! 


Water Conservation Articles

Landscape Watering 101

Lawn Care Tips

Ways to Keep Your Irrigation System Efficient 

How to Program Your Irrigation Timer

Free Monthly Landscape Watering Advice Sent Right to Your Phone

Four Tips for Keeping Your Background Green While Saving Water

Tips for Winter Watering

How to Water Your Landscape Efficiently


Landscape Maintenance

How to Maintain Your Landscape to Keep It Growing Strong

Tree Care - Understanding the Language of Tree Service Contracts


Landscape Design and Plants

Plant of the Month

How to Use Hardscape to Conserve Water

How to Design Your Yard for Year-Round Beauty

Landscaping with Nature

How Do Those Desert Plants Survive?

Desert Plants are Great at Multi-Tasking

Planting Properly to Keep Your Landscape Growing Strong

How to Install Your Xeriscape Landscape


Landscape Conversion

How to Properly Kill Grass

Pros and Cons of Artificial Turf

Top Ten Reasons to Convert

How Do I Select a Landscape Professional?



Is Your Pool Leaking?

Saving Water in Swimming Pools Part 1

Saving Water in Swimming Pools Part 2

Minimize the Impact of Pool Backwash

10 Pool-Friendly Shade Trees

How to Reduce Chemical Use in Your Pool


Indoor Water Conservation

Find and Fix Leaks to Save Thousands of Gallons Each Year

5 Unlikely Ways to Save Water

Easy Steps to Be Water Efficient in the Workplace

How to Conserve Water and Energy in the Laundry Room

Flush Away Water Waste


Special Topics

Why Don't You Give Winter Overseeding a Break This Year

Monsoon Season: 5 Common Landscape Mistakes

Cultivating Children's Curiosity Using Water Science

Stopping Fatberg Begins in the Kitchen Sink


Water Resources

What Impact Does Precipitation Have on Our Drought and Water Supplies? 

Healthy Arizona Forests Are Vital To Valley Water Supplies 

5 Things You Need to Know Right Now About Arizona's Drought 

What is Arizona Doing to Deal with Drought? 

Five Simple Ways to Help Out with the Drought


Water Conservation History

50 Years of AMWUA: Regional Committee Plants the Seeds for a Conservation Culture 

Why Do We Not Have Water Restrictions?