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Landscape Watering Tips

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Over half of the water we use at home is used outdoors. Managing your home's water use means learning how much water your plants need and how best to use your irrigation system to apply the right amount of water. Get started today with a few easy steps: 

Sign Up for Monthly Text Alerts

Text WHENTOWATER to 33222 to receive a text on the first of each month with a link to the month's water guidelines.


Adjust Your Watering Based on Plant Needs

Our landscape watering guide is designed for conditions in the Phoenix metro area. Use the guide to learn how long and how often to water throughout the year. View the electronic version of Landscape Watering by the Numbers, which includes two Flash-based interactive guides or request a hard copy


Chase Down Leaks

Make regular sprinkler system maintenance part of your home care plan. Each spring, Tempe promotes Sprinkler Spruce Up Month and provides information on how to "spruce up" your sprinkler system. Proper maintenance can help detect the inevitable water-wasting leak OR help keep your system healthy to avoid a major leak later on. 

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Attend a Free Landscape Workshop

Each Spring and Fall, Tempe offers landscape workshops that will help you manage landscape water use and plant health using best practices. Email or sign-up for Water Conservation eNotifications to receive the latest water conservation news, including a notice twice per year when the landscape workshop schedule is updated. Select City Utilities from the list of offerings. 


Schedule a Free Consultation

Get a free consultation on your home and landscape water use. Tempe staff will meet with you on-site at your home to review your historical water usage, perform leak detection, review your irrigation controller schedule, and make recommendations on improving efficiency indoors and outdoors. 


Upgrade Your Irrigation System

If your irrigation system was poorly installed or aging, its performance could be affecting plant health as well as leading to wasted water and high consumption bills in the summer. Tempe offers the High Efficiency Turf Irrigation rebate to help homeowners with traditional landscapes conserve water. 


Not sure where to start? Feel free to contact us at 480-350-8351 or email