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The City of Tempe is piloting a TreeBate program, which offers a rebate to residential water customers who purchase approved desert-friendly plants and install them on residential properties in Tempe. This program promotes the beauty, practicality, and water-wise characteristics of desert plants from all over the world.


Tempe is offering a rebate of 100% (capped at $75) towards the purchase of desert-friendly plants.

 Rebate Application Checklist:

  1. Attend a free water wise sustainable landscape workshop in person OR complete the Tree Care Class online.
  2. Review the New Tree Care Guidelines.
  3. Purchase your plants and install them promptly.
  4. Complete the Desert Lush TreeBate Application Form and submit it to within 45 days of the workshop date. Be sure to include before and after pictures and a copy of the receipt.

Policy Requirements.

By participating in this program and receiving a rebate, you must read and agree to the following requirements.

  1. Rebated plants must be listed on the Arizona Department of Water Resources Low Water Use Drought Tolerant Plant List. Every plant listed in the Landscape Plants for the Arizona Desert book is also listed on the Drought Tolerant Plant List.
  2. TreeBate applications must include a copy of the itemized receipt showing the plants purchased and before and after pictures of the landscape.
  3. Rebate recipients must agree to provide proper care to the plants to help thrive following the New Tree Care Guidelines(attached).
  4. Participants agree to allow city staff to share before and after pictures, as well as take additional pictures of the landscape, to use in city promotional materials, websites, and social media.
  5. The rebate is capped at $75 per household per fiscal year, except for residences that submit a grass-to-desert landscape conversion rebate at the same time. The cap for those applications will be $125.
  6. Residents can apply for this rebate once every Tempe fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). You must attend a new workshop with every application.  

New Tree Staked

The image above shows a Feather Bush tree (Lysiloma microphylla v. thornberi, sometimes sold as L. watsonnii). 


Are you converting from grass to desert lush?

Check out the City of Tempe's residential landscape rebate if you are planning to convert high water use grass to a desert landscape. The city provides $.25 per square foot of grass that is removed. Additionally, you will qualify for a higher TreeBate amount ($125 instead of $75) if you submit your TreeBate application along with your Residential Landscape Conversion Rebate. Call 480-350-8351 if you have any questions.


Landscape Design Resources

The below brochures illustrate the principles and practices of beautiful and water-wise landscapes. The below resources are available online. For print copies, call the Water Conservation Office at 480-350-8351.

Landscape Plants for the Arizona Desert

Pub_Landscape Plants for the AZ Desert 

Xeriscape: Landscaping with Style



Landscape Watering by the Numbers

Pub_Water by the Numbers

Salt River Project Water-Efficient Landscape Guide