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The City of Tempe is offering a landscape rebate to residential water customers who convert a front or backyard landscape from high-water-use landscape to a low-water-use Xeriscape. A low-water-use landscape or Xeriscape conversion can reduce the water use of your landscape by 50% or more. Desert-adapted plants have acclimated to soil and weather conditions in the desert, so they require a lot less water to be healthy. By converting, Tempe residents can also save on maintenance costs - time, equipment, and fertilizers.

Tempe residents are already saving! ASU Interns through the Decision Center for a Desert City discovered that over two years, Tempe residents with turf landscapes spent an average $280 more and used 2.4 times more water than residents with non-turf landscapes. View the PDF poster highlighting research results.


Tempe is offering a rebate of .25 cents per square foot of grass that is removed and replaced with low-water-use plants. 


Rebate Application Checklist:

  1. Prior to starting your project, please call 480-350-8351 or email We'll discuss your project and requirements for the rebate and provide you with free literature
  2. After completion of your project, submit a completed Residential Landscape Conversion Rebate Form (PDF), including before and after pictures of your conversion and a completed W-9 (PDF).* Per the IRS, applicants receiving $600 or more in conservation rebate dollars in a calendar year must have a W-9 on file to receive a rebate.
  3. Conservation staff will measure square footage for the converted landscape on the Maricopa County Assessor's Office website and use this measurement to determine the rebate amount. 
  4.  If desert plants were purchased as part of your conversion, be sure to also submit the Tree-Bate form.
  5. You will receive your rebate check within 7-8 weeks after all documentation is received.

Policy Requirements

  1. Applicant must be the owner of the home OR have the permission of the owner to change the landscape and receive the rebate funds.
  2. All landscape rebate applicants must contact Water Conservation Staff prior to beginning any work on their conversion to qualify for this incentive.
  3. Application must include dated before and after pictures showing the grass landscapes prior to the conversion and the desert-adapted converted landscape. The City will own these pictures and may share them anonymously in city promotional materials.
  4. Converted landscapes must have a minimum of 30% mature plant coverage with desert-friendly trees and bushes. For an average sized yard, this would typically be at least 1 tree and 5-8 bushes. Soil must be covered with rock or organic mulch. Bare dirt landscapes will not be accepted.
  5. Purchase of approved desert-friendly trees and plants as part of the conversion process may qualify for additional funds from the Desert Lush TreeBate Program when forms are submitted together.
  6. Approved applications will provide a rebate of $.25 per square foot of grass removed, capped at $2,000 per residential property.
  7. All rebates are subject to availability of funds, and rebate programs are subject to change and updates. Please be sure that you are submitting the most up-to-date rebate application by downloading the newest form.

Pro Tips

Attend a free Tempe Landscape Workshop to learn best practices for converting and designing desert lush landscapes.

Visit the Tempe Xeriscape Demonstration Garden for plant selection inspiration. This is an optional but highly recommended step.

Want to make sure your new landscape achieves all of your goals for a beautiful and functional landscape? Follow the Seven Principles of Xeriscape.

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Questions about water conservation? Call 480-350-8351 or e-mail