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The City of Tempe is offering a rebate to residents who install a gray water system that reuses water produced by indoor home water use for irrigation of landscape plants. Gray water is any wastewater generated from home water use in the shower, bathroom sink, and laundry. Collectively, more than half of indoor water use is from these sources. This water is often lightly soiled and ideal for irrigation of high-water-use plants.


Tempe is offering a rebate of 50% of the purchase price of system components up to $200.00 per household. 

Rebate Application Checklist:

  1. Check that you are eligible to receive the rebate. Only single-family residential properties qualify, and the applicant must be the owner of the property.
  2. Be sure that you understand the rules and best practices. The system must be in compliance with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality General Permit Best Management Practices for Gray Water. Review it thoroughly.
  3. Attend a FREE Landscape Workshop on Gray Water. This is an optional but recommended step to ensure you design a system that works best for your landscape.
  4. Design and install your system. Be sure to consult a plumber for any changes to indoor plumbing. It may be a good idea to consult with a gray water professional when designing the gray water system. 
  5. Complete the Gray Water Rebate Form and mail in your application with original receipts for the cost of components purchased. You will receive 50% of the purchase price of components (up to $200). It will take 5-6 weeks to process the rebate.

How Does a Gray Water System Work?

One easy-to-implement system is the laundry-to-landscape gray water system. This system allows you to reuse the water used to wash your clothes to water landscape plants. A properly designed system allows you to switch between sewer and landscape pipes. A simple switch of a valve allows you to send water to the sewer pipes if your plants don't need the water or you are washing items of clothing soiled with anything you don't want in your landscape.


    Photo credit: Watershed Management Group

Switch the valve back to the landscape, and your plants will get laundry water directed to the root zone through tubing, such as 1" polyethylene tubing. It is preferred that the water is going to be used within a mulched basin to ensure infiltration into the soil. The picture below shows the layout of the tubing before work is completed and soil and mulch is added to hide the tubing.


    Photo credit: Watershed Management Group

A mulched basin is ideal for receiving the gray water from a laundry-to-landscape system or any other gray water system. Mulch hides the gray water and prevents pets or children from playing in the water. Organic mulch helps prevent evaporation by soaking up the water and overtime will break down and increase the richness of your soil. Creating a basin prevents the water from running off and helps direct water to the root zones of plants, which are full of young roots that can take in water for the plant.


    Photo credit: Watershed Management Group


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