Tempe provides our teachers with resources related to water science, resources, and conservation. These resources include the following:

  • Magic Assembly Shows for Grades K-5
  • Classroom Presentations for Grades K-12
  • Tempe Water Festival for 4th Grade
  • School Garden Grant
  • Tours of Water Treatment Plant or Xeriscape Demonstration Gardens
  • Activity Books for Grades K-12


Magic Assembly Shows 

Each year, Tempe offers a unique magic assembly show about water conservation and the water cycle. These 30-minute shows are performed by Abracadabra Productions, and the content is geared towards grades K-5. Each Tempe school can have up to 2 shows (min. 50 and max. 250 students) free of charge per year, and all participating students receive a custom activity book with each year's them and new pictures and educational puzzles. 

Presenter in front of children.

To reserve shows for your school, contact Abracadabra Productions at 623-266-1157 or email Kathy Whalen at kathyjwhalen@aol.com. You will be contacted to confirm the performance date, times, and numbers of students attending. 


Classroom Presentations for Grades K-12

We offer free in-classroom presentations on Tempe's water resources, Arizona water history, and water conservation. Presentations can be tailored to fit time limits and special water-related topics. We can also arrange for special career-day guest speakers through the Arizona Water Association. Please contact us at conservation@tempe.gov or (480) 350-2668 to arrange a classroom presentation for your students.

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Tempe Water Festival

The first ever Tempe Water Festival is scheduled for Thursday, November 8, 2018. The Water Festival is a statewide program that instills a deeper understanding of water in the earth system and Arizona's water resources through a water festival event, curriculum unit, and teacher professional development workshop. The curriculum for the Water Festival unit and festival activities are aligned to Arizona State Standards for science, mathematics, and social studies. 

Teachers can sign up their class through an online form. Please note that each teacher must submit a separate registration for their class. All participating teachers receive the Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0lesson plans and copy pages for 13 standards-aligned lessons, professional development hours through a hands-on workshop, and a fantastic day full of interactive learning, water, and fun at the Tempe Water Festival.

Great Watershed Engineering Picture Flagstaff 2013


School Garden Grant

Tempe helps schools create sustainable and edible gardens with educational components. To apply, complete an application and include a proposed budget and garden plan. View and download the School Gardening Grant application. For questions, contact conservation@tempe.gov or call 480-350-2684. 

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Water Treatment Plant Tours

Tempe Water Utilities Division offers tours of our Water Treatment Plant and water quality lab for school groups. We are able to accommodate one tour per year, depending on staff availability. Schools must arrange their own transportation. If you are interested, please send an email to conservation@tempe.gov



Xeriscape Demonstration Garden Tour

Tempe manages a 4.5 acre Xeriscape Demonstration Garden at the Tempe Women's Club Park. The Garden boasts 39 tree species, 45 shrub species, water conservation demonstrations, and rainwater harvesting. If you are interested in arranging a tour of the Garden, please send an email to conservation@tempe.gov