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Home Sound Attenuation

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The members of the Tempe Aviation Commission have developed a guide (PDF) for making upgrades to homes situated under the main flight paths for the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

The City of Phoenix have had sound insulation program for eligible single family homes and public buildings close to the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The last round of projects that included homes in Tempe inside the 1999 65 Ldn noise exposure contour line where owners had signed the necessary avigation easements to get their homes upgraded, were closed out by City of Phoenix Aviation Department in 2009.

The Tempe Aviation Commission conducted an on-line survey to get updated information about residents' perceptions of the aircraft noise in Tempe in 2012. A report was developed that accounts for responses received by residents who logged on the city web site during the months of December 2012 to March 2013 to complete the survey questionnaire.