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Aviation Noise Surveys

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The members of the Tempe Aviation Commission have conducted noise perception surveys to stay informed about what concerns Tempe residents have about aircraft operations over their homes. Surveys was conducted by the late Dr. Bruce Merrill with the Arizona State University in 1999, (PDF), a year before the operation of the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport third runway had started and in 2000, (PDF), after operations changed with three runways in use at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. 

The surveys showed that concerns about aircraft noise had expanded from mainly being a problem for residents in North Tempe to become a problem for residents living in other areas of the City of Tempe. Also more residents were able to distinguish the airport's arrival operations from its departure operations over Tempe.

The 2012 survey (PDF), indicated that the noise from arrival operations caused more problems for residents in North Tempe than the noise from departures going east from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

The latest survey was conducted in June 2019. Residents were asked to complete a questionnaire and ask questions about topics to be addressed at a June 19th, 2019 public meeting hosted by the Tempe Aviation Commission. The survey is accessible on the Tempe Forum web page.  The Commission developed a F.A.Q. sheet with input received at the meeting and answers to survey questions.