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How to Make a Difference


Leaf Blowers, Tempe City Code, Sec. 13A-52:

  • Do not use leaf blowers to blow debris into a public roadway.
  • Do not use leaf blowers on dry dirt or other surfaces not stabilized or paved.  Stay informed about the proper use of leaf blowers.  ADEQ Guidance.
  • Stay informed about Tempe leaf blower use restrictions. (PDF). In Spanish (PDF)
  • Do not use leaf blowers during any high particulate- matter pollution advisory day.

Motor Vehicles, Tempe City Code Sec. Sec 19-49 and 19-91:

  • Do not operate a motor vehicle on unpaved surface that is not a road, street, or lawful easement.
  • Do not park a motor vehicle on surfaces that are not stabilized or paved. Vehicle use areas needs be improved with approved surface material, Tempe City Code Sec. 21-3 (4)
  • Avoid track-out of deposits from vehicle tires on to paved road surfaces. Stay informed about track-out prevention (PDF).

Fires and Fire Places, Tempe City Code Sec. 13A-27:

  • Do not ignite outdoor fires during restricted burn periods in Maricopa County or on high particulate- matter pollution advisory days.
  • You need a permit from the City to ignite a wood burning fire in a public park or other city property! Avoid violations of Tempe City Code, Sec. 13A-7.
  • Do not use your indoor fireplace on high particulate matter pollution advisory days.

 Vacant Lots & Dust Generating Operations:

  • Keep vacant lots stable to avoid wind blown dust.   Implement Best Management Practices to avoid becoming subject to a dust action general permit (PDF). Stay informed about the dust action (PDF).
  • Before starting a dust generating operation as a subcontractor, stay informed about Tempe City Code Sec. 26A- 25, the requirement to have a PM-10 efficient sweeper when sweeping on Tempe public roadways, about the need to be registered, and to follow an approved dust control plan under a valid permit from the Maricopa County if dust-generating operations disturb a total surface area of 0.10 acre or more.  Resources:

Maricopa County Dust Abatement Field Guide(PDF ), In Spanish (PDF).