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Tempe City Council approved the 2019 rate study as proposed by staff on Dec. 12, 2019. 

New Solid Waste Rates for 2020 news release:


sw rate study 2019 


As utility costs throughout the solid waste industry continue to rise due to maintenance and market variables, Tempe staff is committed to remaining operationally efficient, and managing these costs while keeping the city’s commitment to deliver superior services to our residents. Since city sales and property taxes do not fund Solid Waste Services, the costs must be balanced through monthly user service fees. Every two years, Solid Waste Services work with a third party to conduct a rate adjustment study to help determine what changes are needed to balance the operational investments of these services to maximize ratepayer value. This also relates to the rates you pay for services and the days your trash and recycling are collected.

The Solid Waste team is responsible for several important city functions including waste and recycling collection and reuse, bulk trash and green organics collection, improving alley conditions, and managing the city’s Green Organics program. All of these services work to provide a better quality of life and long-term cost savings for residents.  The city’s new SMART (Save Money and Recycle Tempe) is also crucial to reducing waste. This program keeps material out of the landfill, helping the city reach its 40 percent diversion goal by 2020 and moves us toward a more environmentally healthy and sustainable future.

Proposed rate adjustments

proposed solid waste rates image

This Solid Waste Rate Study is also proposing changes to the days residential trash and recycling is collected


Proposed change to Residential Collection Days

In 2015, staff changed Tempe’s trash and recycling collection system to be more efficient for residential solid waste collection. The change allowed for a reduction in vehicle costs and the city’s carbon footprint. With the recent implementation of Tempe’s new routing software system staff determined that more efficiencies could be gained by changing the days of residential trash and recycling collection to a Monday-Thursday collection day schedule. The new collection schedule would be based on the number of homes on a route and the amount/weight of solid waste and recycling collected. The new collection schedule would not be based boundary lines as they are now. This change will improve customer service and operational efficiencies. 

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