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Tempe Recycles 

Learn how to recycle properly. What to put in the blue bin is often confusing. Here's a quick way to help you know what to recycle and what not to recycle. 

Please keep your recyclables loose! Never bag them and put them in the blue bin. This causes contamination, sending loads to the landfill. 

Top 10 in the bin 

Do you recycle? Do you know what you can and cannot put in the blue bin? The City of Tempe has a recycling goal of 40 percent by 2020. To help achieve this goal, we need your help!

The top 10 things to put in your recycle bin are:

  1. broken down card board
  2. paper
  3. food boxes
  4. mail
  5. beverage cans
  6. food cans
  7. glass bottles
  8. jars (glass and plastic)
  9. jugs
  10. plastic bottles and caps

Did you know that you cannot put plastic bags and wraps into the blue bin? These soft plastics ruin the recycling equipment and cause challenges for recycling staff. You can recycle these items at your local grocery store, or save them for a Zero Waste Day.

Please do not put the following items in your Tempe blue recycling container:

  • Plastic bags - Please take your plastic bags to a Bag Central Station location.
  • Shredded paper - in plastic bags, nor loose in the bin. 
  • Food waste 
  • Household and automotive products, electronics - Please bring to the Household Products Collection Center for proper disposal
  • Styrofoam (packaging and peanuts)
  • Shrink and bubble wrap
  • Plastic utensils (forks, knives, etc.)
  • Paper towels, napkins, facial and toilet tissue
  • Waxed coated fast food beverage cups
  • Six pack plastic beverage rings
  • Self-sealing or cardboard mailing envelopes with padding or bubble wrap
  • Stained glass, light bulbs, mirrors, porcelain and ceramics
  • Cereal box inserts
  • Empty chemical containers
  • Dog or cat food bags
  • Food waste or liquids of any kind 
Zero Waste Days can help 

The city has four Zero Waste Days annually, in January, April, August and November.  At these events, you can also recycle Styrofoam, electronics and textiles, as they items cannot go into the blue bins. To learn what will be taken at each of these events, please visit Zero Waste Days