Clothing and Household Textiles Recycling

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How to recycle textiles 

Clothing and household item textiles are not allowed in your blue recycling bin. Examples of these kind of textiles include: stuffed animals, clothing, towels and other soft toys. You can drop off these types of items at Tempe textile recycling containers that are located throughout the city. 

Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona was awarded a contract to reuse and recycle textiles and household items through the city’s procurement process. This program has been immensely popular with residents and helps us as we work toward Council goals for diversion and recycling.

Acceptable items include:

  • bed sheets/pillow cases
  • belts
  • blankets
  • clothing
  • cloth table cloths
  • curtains
  • fabric scraps
  • hats
  • home decor (gently used)
  • purses
  • shoes
  • shopping bags (cloth)
  • stuffed animals
  • towels
  • toys (gently used)                                           

All items must be dry and free of mold, dirt and grease. Whenever possible, keep paired shoes together by binding or tying the shoes laces. We do not accept no ceramic or glass items. Do not leave items on the ground and do not throw items in the bin that may break.

** Items must be able to fit in the bin opening and should be no more than one-foot high by two-feet wide. **

Textile recycling containers 

Located at the following locations:

  • Arizona Historical Society Museum: 1300 N. College Ave.
  • Jaycee Park: 817 W. 5th St. (entrance on Hardy Rd.)
  • Household Products Collection Center: 1320 E. University Dr.
  • Kiwanis Park: 6111 S. All American Way, parking lot west of All American Way
  • Tempe Police Substation (south Tempe): 8201 S. Hardy Dr.
  • Tempe Library: 3500 S. Rural Rd.
  • Tempe Field Operations: 55 S. Priest Dr.

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Tempe neighbors recycle right and keep items out of the landfill whenever possible. For additional information, please call Tempe 311 at 480-350-4311.