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Apartment & Multifamily Housing Recycling Information

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Recycling Programs for Apartments and Multi-Family  Housing

The City of Tempe offers a Multi-family Recycling Program especially designed for residents living in multi-dwelling communities.

Why Recycle?

Save money

The equation is simple; the more trash, the higher the bill. Bring recycling to your building, and if managed effectively it may reduce your trash collection service and take advantage of the lower (sometimes free) recycling service rates.

Help the environment and your community

Recycling conserves landfill space and saves natural resources. It can also bring new jobs and revenue to the community.

Make your property more attractive to tenants

Most multihousing residents want to help the environment by recycling. A recycling program can be a selling point for your facility.

Recycling in apartments and multi-family housing is a way to increase Tempe's diversion rates. A robust recycling program saves money when compared to the costs of trash disposal.

How do I start a recycling program in my community?

1. Property management requests recycling containers. Solid Waste staff is available to meet and discuss which program would work best.

2. Determine location of containers. Solid Waste will identify areas where containers can be safely serviced. Blue barrels may need to be rolled out by property management staff to a designated collection point on a weekly basis for service.

3. Distribute educational material to residents. The City of Tempe will provide flyers to educate residents on what can be recycled and where the containers are located.

Property managers or residents who would like to obtain more information about the Multi-family Recycling Program should call (480) 350-4311.