How to Drop Off Items

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The process of dropping off items at the HPCC is very simple. Enter the facility and pull your vehicle up into the off-loading bay. Signs and street markings will help you in the right direction. Please be careful of foot traffic. Upon your arrival a HPCC staff member will greet you. We do request that you place your vehicle in park and shut off the engine.  Please maintain a 6'-8' distance between vehicles for the safety of the HPCC staff. Also small children and pets must remain in the vehicle for their safety. Be prepared to show proof of residency, off loading will be taken care of by HPCC staff members.

If you plan to shop the free swap area, please park your vehicle in the parking lot so we can keep the off loading bay open. We want your visit to the HPCC to be enjoyable and safe. If you have questions or ideas please let a staff member know, we are here to serve you.

Transporting Items

When you transport HHW, it is important to remember that if the material spills, leaks or off gasses serious injury may occur. Always refer to the label on the material for packaging and transport. Here are some simple reminders:
  • DO NOT mix different products together! Plastic Trash bags may not be accepted.
  • DO NOT smoke while transporting HHW!
  • If possible do not transport the material inside the interior of the vehicle with you. If you must, secure it so it does not come loose in the event of a sudden stop.
  • Be especially careful with flammable/combustible materials. During the summer months or even just leaving the material in the trunk of the vehicle can cause the material to off gas quicker the hotter it gets. Aerosol cans may even rupture if permitted to get hot enough.
  • Bring materials in the original container. Pack them to prevent accidental spills. Never transport open containers of liquids.
  • If there is no label and you know what the material is, mark it on the container or inform the Center staff when you drop it off.

If you have further questions, please email