Don't trash it!

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Some products should not be put in your solid waste trash bin to prevent them from threatening our environment and our health.

Please bring the following items to the HPCC: 

Automotive Products

Motor oil and oil filters
Battery acid
Brake fluid
Lubricants (WD-40)
Power steering fluid
Transmission fluid
Liquefied Petroleum gas cylinders  

Electronics & Appliances

Water Heaters    
A/C Units
Anything that uses batteries or has a card    

Household Cleaning Products

Concrete cleaner
Copper cleaner
Drain cleaners
Pool cleaner
Toilet bowl cleaner
Ammonia cleaners
Oven cleaners
Spot removers

Paints and Solvents           

Latex paint
Oil-based paints and stains
Acetone (nail polish remover)
Paint thinners
Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) 


Herbicides (Copper sulfate, Rose dust, Tree root/stump killer)
Insecticides (Ant killers, Flea spray)
Rodenticides (Gopher killer)

Other Household Products  

Lighter fluid                
Scrap Metal    
Fryer oil  
Tires (no tractor or semi)    
Aerosol cans                
Fluorescent lamps            
Photo developers
Light bulbs (CFL's, HID, Metal Halide, and Fluorescent)

Please contact the HPCC for more information on other items not listed or other opportunities to have your items repurposed or reused.

Containers will not be returned unless they are designed for use with the specific material transported in them to the HPCC.

The HPCC only accepts Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) from Tempe and Guadalupe residents. No commercial or industrial hazardous waste will be accepted. Proof of residency is required (Water Bill or Drivers License).

Items in trash bags will not be accepted

Because of recent incidents involving HPCC Staff and public safety, items that are delivered in trash bags (thrown into) may not be accepted.

Items that are co-mingled in a trash bag by a leak or spill can begin to react (Develop heat or Off Gas) and place staff as well as yourself in danger of injury. Typically, residents place the items in the bag neatly, but through loading, transport and unloading the items get tossed about, damaged and/or spilled.

If materials have spilled inside the bag and cannot be identified it may result in a Hazardous Materials Response and clean-up. Household Hazardous Waste must never be just thrown into a trash bag for disposal. If you have questions please contact the HPCC Staff.

We Do Not Accept 

Absolutely no commercial or industrial waste! Only HHW from residents of Tempe or Guadalupe will be accepted and proof of residency is required. If you have any of the Dangerous Items listed below, please contact the Center at 480-858-2223 to determine proper disposal options.

If the items are in poor condition, old or you feel it may present a hazard to public safety, telephone Tempe Fire Department (911). The items below are broken down into two lists, if you have items on the dangerous list please contact the HPCC.

Dangerous Items Not Accepted  

Blasting Caps
Radioactive Material
Medical Waste
Gas Cylinders other than Propane

Other Items Not Accepted

Commercially Generated Waste
Packaging Materials
Construction Debris
Items in black trash bags

Container size is also a determining factor on if an item will be accepted. Container's larger than 16-gallons pose unique problems for HPCC staff. The HPCC does not accept containers of any material in 30 or 55 gallon drums. The configuration of the drop off point does not provide an area where containers this size can be safely unloaded. For assistance with these size of containers please telephone the HPCC at 480-858-2223 or email. A staff member will set up a time to come out and see the condition of the containers and schedule a pick-up.