Objectives for the Information Technology Division

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1. Provide cost-effective support for existing technological programs and platforms, based on our customers’ needs and available resources.

2. Provide departments with timely technological solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations, based on our comprehensive understanding of their business needs.

3. Implement, administer and maintain a cost-effective IT infrastructure and data delivery system that is responsive, reliable, secure, recoverable, provides a stable and agile platform for communication, collaboration, data processing and storage, and provides for timely and reasonable disaster recovery and business continuity.

4. Maintain cost-effective internal controls to ensure protection of sensitive information and overall system security.

5. Provide cost-effective training to City employees for City-supported applications.

6. Provide City employees with a cost-effective single point of contact to report and resolve issues related to software, hardware, telephone and network resources.

7. Provide cost-effective printing and mail distribution services in accordance with federal postal regulations.