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Information Technology

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Technology is pervasive in every aspect of our lives. Tempe’s Information Technology Division is responsible for developing city-wide strategies that align City Council strategic priorities with appropriate technology to reduce the cost of government, enhance services to our citizens, and make government services more accessible in today’s connected world. This is done by ensuring our investment in technology and resources is collaborative, reflects a common vision of exemplary customer experience, and is operationally sustainable today and into the future. To reach this goal, IT is focused on three tenants: 

Deliver Technology Services

Before innovation, Information Technology must deliver basic services to our internal and external customers. This means maintaining our existing technology such as traffic control, public safety (911), and other departmental systems citizens rely on highly available and relevant. Browse some of our external facing services below:

  • Public computers: Tempe has computers for public use at Tempe Public Library, Escalante Community Center and North Tempe Multi-Generational Center (see map). Please ask staff on site for access information.

Build a Foundation for Innovation 

Before developing the processes that make up a smart city there must be a solid foundation for which to build. Smart, network connected devices in the field such as traffic signals, parking, and water meters require wired and wireless technology to get data to a central location where it can be analyzed and transformed to make decisions based on real-time information. Information Technology has a unique vantage point of City operations allowing us to see how technology could be leveraged across the entire organization to improve the lives of our citizens. A solid foundation is critical to building innovative and useful technologies. IT is continually observing how emerging technologies can be leveraged to improve digital citizen services. Browse the ways IT is using data to build Tempe's foundation:

  • Data academy

  • Performance measurement dashboard

  • Conduit/fiber infrastructure: Tempe’s Information Technology is continuing to work with City staff on the placement of fiber and empty conduit to encourage development of high-speed data networks to support future smart cities sensors. By partnering with City (water, sewer, and transportation) and private projects that open a trench in city streets, IT can pre-position underground conduit to save money and only dig the street up once for high-speed Internet and cellular coverage. 

  • 4 and 5G: There are a lot of wires in wireless! Leveraging our foundational underground conduit, Tempe has encouraged early adoption of the next generation of cellular wireless networks that require antennas in closer proximity (small cell) than traditional service. The new service will be rolling out to Tempe’s downtown, Performing Arts Center, and Tempe Diablo Stadium over the next year. 


This is the most exciting of the three tenants, using innovative technologies to solve real-world problems. Technology is the enabler and should not drive the solution. Tempe’s Information Technology partners with all City departments to leverage technology that align with the Tempe City Council strategic priorities and performance measure to accelerate reaching our goal to become a smart city and partner with other municipalities, governments, and private organizations to participate in creating a smart region. There is no absolute definition of a smart city, it is a process, or series of steps, by which cities become more ‘livable’ and resilient. Innovation is critical to learn, adapt and then respond more effectively and promptly to new challenges by improving the intelligence of the city through timely information. Browse some of Tempe's new and  innovative technologies:

  • Transit wayfinding for visually impaired 

  • WaterSmart: Tempe recently completed replacement of all analog water meters with new digital “Smart” meters that collect hourly water usage and trends. The individual meter data is collected during the day through a radio system located on streetlights and analyzed in an analytics portal. WaterSmart is a user-friendly portal that enables wise water management by providing tools and information to utility customers. The system can compare usage with other similar households, notify customers of high bills, and even detect where a leak may have formed. Now that the City has automated meter reading, the existing manual meter reader staff was reallocated to use the new data to increase awareness of water use, inspire conservation and save money through efficient management of this limited resource.

  • Tempe Graffiti Challenge