Massage Establishment

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A Massage Establishment is any place of business or facility wherein any massage techniques as defined are administered, practiced or used. 


$100 Non-refundable application fee

$100 Annual license fee


Tempe City Code §16A-160 to §16A-174 

Application (must be completed online)

Massage Establishment Business Application
Massage Establishment Individual License Application

Application packet must contain the following:

  • Business Application
  • Individual Application for each owner

Note: All Owners must submit fingerprints

$22 fingerprint fee per person

Fingerprint cards created by licensing office

Application packet is forwarded to:

1. Building Safety 

2. Development Services 

Pursuant to Section 3-302, Permitted Uses in Office/Industrial Districts, and Section 3-202, Permitted Uses in Commercial and Mixed-Use Districts, of the City of Tempe Zoning and Development Code (ZDC), a Use Permit is required to operate a “massage establishment” in the GID, General Industrial District. The Use Permit application process is identified in Section 6-308, Use Permits, of the ZDC. The following link will direct you to the planning application:  Use Permit Application.

3. Fire Prevention 

4. Police Department