Escort and Escort Runner

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An Escort/Escort Runner is any person, who for any type of payment, is available for hire to consort with or to accompany another to social affairs, places of amusement or entertainment, within any place of public resort, or within any private quarters. 


$100 Non-refundable application fee

$100 Annual license fee, pro-rated to $50 after June 30


Tempe City Code §16A-56 to §16A-70 


Escort Business License Application
Escort Individual License Application

Application packet must contain the following:

  • Business Application
  • Individual Applications

Note: All Applicants must submit fingerprints

$22 fingerprint fee per person

Fingerprint cards created by licensing office

Digital photos taken by licensing staff

Application packet is forwarded to:

1. Police Department

Additional Info:

License is issued to licensee along with photo identification badge