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After Hours is a dance hall location or the premises of a state on-sale retailer liquor licensee, open to patrons during the hours of 2:30 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. where dancing occurs.


$100 Non-refundable application fee

$500 Annual license fee, pro-rated to $250 after June 30 


Tempe City Code §16A-75 to §16A-99

Application (must be completed online)

After Hours Business License Application
After Hours Individual License Application

Application packet must contain the following:

  • Business Application
  • Individual Application
  • Description of activity 
  • Plan of operation 
  • Floor plan 
  • Diagram of property 
  • Application and hearing notice is posted at location for 15 days 
  • Notices of hearing are sent to property owners within 300' of location
  • Application is scheduled for City Council public hearing 
  • Permit issued upon Council approval

Note: All Applicants must submit fingerprints

$22 fingerprint fee per person

Fingerprint cards created by licensing office

Application packet is forwarded to:

1. Building Safety 

2. Development Services 

3. Fire Prevention 

4. Police Department