Supplier Registration

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Supplier Registration Instructions

The City of Tempe utilizes a Self Registration system that emails suppliers an automatic notification of solicitation opportunities.


More Detailed Registration Instructions  (PDF) are available to assist you in the process.

Email Notification

Once registered, firms will be notified of formal bid and proposal opportunities for the commodity or service categories that have been selected.  It is the sole responsibility of suppliers to register and maintain this information to ensure its accuracy.  The City is not responsible to register firms or make any updates for address or e-mail changes, etc.

Solicitation notices will be electronically sent to registered suppliers.  For this reason, it is important to enter an accurate and appropriate e-mail address.  The City will use its best effort to notify registered supplies of solicitation opportunities, however, the City does not guarantee delivery of Bid Notices through any mail service or by electronic process.

You may need to check with your Information Technology Department to ensure that your security software will allow delivery of electronic messages from the City of Tempe.  Make sure '' is 'white listed' on your system so that e-mails are not blocked by your spam filtering devices.

Selection of Commodity Codes
The City has streamlined its commodity codes to allow for more efficient registration.  The commodity codes are listed in alpha order and can be searched by scrolling or by using a key-word search.  Click on the 'View All' blue hyperlink to view all available commodity codes.  It is the suppliers responsibility to select all codes(s) that describe the product or service they can offer to the City.