Procurement Staff

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The Procurement Division, located in downtown Tempe, is staffed by eight individuals who are responsible for contracting for all external resources required throughout the City with the exception of architectural, engineering and construction services which are handled by the Engineering Division. 

Our division consists of a Procurement Administrator, four Procurement Officers and three Procurement Specialists that works to provide outstanding support to our departments and valued suppliers.

All City of Tempe Procurement Officers hold, or are seeking, professional certifications which ensures competence and professionalism through the entire procurement process.

Work Teams 

  Michael Greene, C.P.M., CPPO, Procurement Administrator
    Alicia Ruiz, Procurement Specialist
       Fax  480-858-7701
    Department Assignments   Commodity Assignments
      Internal Audit     Surplus Property
      Police     Solar
            Vendor Outreach
  Susan Holt, C.P.M., CPPO, CPPB, MBA, Procurement Officer  480-350-8548
    Department Assignments   Commodity Assignments
      City Attorney
    Car Wash Services
      City Clerk
      City Courts
    Vending Machines
      Engineering (non-construction)
      Fleet Maintenance      
      Solid Waste
      Streets (non-construction)
  Shireen Boone, CPPB, CPPO, Procurement Officer  480-350-8617
    Patricia Acosta, Procurement Specialist
         Fax  480-858-7696
    Department Assignments    Commodity Assignments
      Customer Service
    Cell Phones
      Information Technology
      Water Utilities
  Lisa Goodman, CPPB, CPPO, Procurement Officer
    Cecille Lewis, Procurement Specialist
         Fax  480-858-7694
    Department Assignments   Commodity Assignments
      City Manager/Mayor
    Amazon Business
      Community Development     PeopleSoft Financials
      Economic Development     Procurement Cards
      Fire Medical Rescue      
      Government Relations/Media      
      Traffic Engineering
  Kim Shelley, CPPB, Procurement Officer  480-350-8682
    Alicia Ruiz, Procurement Specialist  480-350-8648
         Fax  480-858-7695
    Department Assignments   Commodity Assignments
      Community Services     Furniture
      Financial Services     Office Supplies
      Human Resources     Printing
      Human Services     Warehouse
      Municipal Budget Office     Website (Procurement)
      Office of Strategic Management      
      Risk Management