Procurement - FAQ

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Does Tempe support local business?

The City recognizes the importance of involving local businesses in the procurement process. A number of outreach efforts are conducted annually to ensure that local businesses are included in Tempe's procurement processes.  

Procurement routinely meets with the Tempe Chamber of Commerce to ensure its membership is aware of and registered with the City and uses it's on-line membership list to augment the city's bid list when solicitations are published.

Although the City of Tempe does not have any specific requirements to solicit from local Arizona-based businesses, procurement officers make it a common practice to reach out to local businesses when soliciting quotes and bids.  Most small dollar requirements are awarded to local businesses based on the natural advantages they retain due to their local presence. 

When conducting procurements that exceed the formal limit of $100,000, it is not possible to limit opportunities to only Arizona businesses as the City of Tempe is required to notice any interested party for the particular commodity or service being solicited.

For procurements that are valued under the formal limit of $100,000, the City of Tempe has discretion in determining which vendors will be invited to participate.  As a matter of practice, procurement officers make it a point to reach out and solicit from Arizona based business when only three quotes are required.  If sufficient competition is not available within the Arizona market, additional firms can be contacted in order to satisfy the minimum quote requirements.

What percentage of spend stays in Arizona?

The City completed a geographic spend analysis to more clearly understand where city dollars are being spent.  The results of this study are shown below. 

The combined supplier spend shows that over 88 percent of Tempe's average annual spend is with businesses who are either located in or have a strong presence in Arizona.
Combined Spending 

How do I register as a potential vendor with the City of Tempe?
The City of Tempe utilizes a self-registration system - simply select all applicable categories
Do I have to be registered to bid on a solicitation?
You don't have to be registered to bid on a solicitation.  You can access the information from and submit an offer.

By registering, you will get e-mails from us about new solicitations available within the categories you are interested in so that you won't miss an opportunity to work with us.    
How do I get information that I cannot find on your web page?
Please contact one of the Procurement Officers or Specialist that handle the area of business for which you have a question.
Are all purchases for the City of Tempe made through Procurement?

No.  The following will illustrate the various purchasing levels and the allowed purchase authority

Annual Spending Level Requirements

$0 to $4,999
No quotes are required and can be handled at the department level

$5,000 to $99,999
A minimum of three competitive quotes are required and can be handled at the department level or through Procurement

$100,000 and up
A formal bid is required and will be conducted through Procurement