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How to Read Your Utility Bill

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Municipal utility services for water, sewer, and solid waste are billed monthly to residential and commercial customers.  There's a lot of information on your utility bill.  We've provided a sample residential utility bill below with details explaining each section.  Click here for a printable version.

How to read your bill online 2 pages

Contact phone numbers and website information 

Customer Name

Account Number The utility account number. 

Billing Date The date the bill was released. 

Due Date The date your bill for current charges is due.

Billing Messages The City will include topics of interest or importance in this space and contact information.

Previous Balance and Payments Received The amount due and the amount paid from the previous service period.

Balance Forward and Current Charges This is the past due amount or credit towards your account (if last bill was overpaid) and the amount charged for the current service period.

Total Amount Due This number is the total amount of all services on this bill (water, wastewater and solid waste).

Together Tempe Voluntary Donation (optional) Voluntary, tax-deductible donations distributed to local nonprofit organizations serving Tempeans in need. Click here for more information.

Total with Voluntary Donation This number is the total amount of all services on this bill (water, wastewater, solid waste, and voluntary donation, if applicable).

Service Address Line item on the utility statement that indicates the address at which service is provided.

Water Meter Information
Meter Number - Your water meter number.
Current Meter Read - The most recent reading and date it was read.
Previous Meter Read - The last billable read and date it was read.
Usage in Hundreds of Gallons - The amount of water used during the current service period, measured in hundreds of gallons.

Usage At-A-Glance A graphic representation of water usage shown for the past 13 months.

Water Service Fees and Taxes
Monthly Service Charge - This charge is based on the meter size (5/8-inch or 3/4-inch for most residential customers). Click here for Water Service Fees
Consumption Charges - This is the charge for each unit of water. Click here for Water Consumption Fees
State Water Quality Assurance Fee - Arizona water quality tax was passed by the State of Arizona. It is based on the amount of water used during the period covered, it is a direct tax by the state to be paid to the state water quality assurance revolving fund for water quality improvement projects.
City Tax - Current city tax rate as approved by city council.
State Tax - Current state tax rate as approved by state legislature.

Payment Stub The portion of the bill you submit with your payment. If you are an automatic payment customer it will automatically be scheduled for electronic payment. 

Amount Paid Indicate the amount of the payment.

Billing Address Line item indicating the address to which the monthly statement will be mailed.

Wastewater Fees
Monthly Service Charge - This charge is based on meter size.  Click here for Sewer Fees Wastewater Usage Amount - Based on water usage. Click here for Sewer Fees

Solid Waste Fees
Weekly Collection Charge - This charge is based on collection frequency. Click here for Solid Waste Fees


Still have questions?  Call us at (480) 350-8361 to speak directly with a Customer Services Representative. 

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