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This site serves as a central location for financial reports, accounting policies and procedures, and other information needed by city departments. Each link below will take you to more detailed pages which provide access to documents that can be viewed online, printed or downloaded.

Explore Open Books ButtonFinancial Transparency Portal

In an effort to provide a more inclusive and transparent budget, the City of Tempe is pleased to present our Financial Transparency portal. The City partnered with OpenGov to provide a new web-based financial transparency and business intelligence tool that dynamically presents the City's revenues and expenses, from historical trends to line item level details. By leveraging the OpenGov platform, residents can use this website to have around-the-clock access and a better understanding of the City's budget and actuals financial data.

City of Tempe Accounting Division
Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 5002
Tempe, AZ 85280

Physical Address: 
20 E. Sixth St., 2nd Floor
Tempe, AZ 85281

Phone: 480-350-8355        
Fax: 480-350-2936          


Comprehensive Annual Financial Report   

     CAFR Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/17 PDF
     CAFR Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/16 PDF
     CAFR Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/15 PDF
     CAFR Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/14 PDF
     CAFR Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/13 PDF
     CAFR Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/12 PDF
     CAFR Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/11 PDF
     CAFR Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/10 PDF 
     CAFR Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/09 PDF 
     CAFR Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/08 PDF 
     CAFR Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/07 PDF 
     CAFR Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/06 PDF 
     CAFR Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/05 PDF 
     Notice: Dated information for historical purposes only

Single Audit Act Report

     SAA Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/17 PDF
     SAA Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/16 PDF
     SAA Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/15 PDF
     SAA Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/14 PDF
     SAA Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/13 PDF 
     SAA Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/12 PDF
     SAA Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/11 PDF
     SAA Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/10 PDF
     SAA Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/09 PDF
     SAA Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/08 PDF
     SAA Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/07 PDF
     SAA Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/06 PDF
     SAA Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/05 PDF
     SAA Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/04 PDF
     SAA Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/03 PDF

Retiree Health Projections Report

OPEB 5/23/06 PDF  

Tax Information

     City Sales Tax Numbers:        Tax Identification Numbers:
     Batting Range: 34254            Kiwanis: 29556
     Rental: 99997                           Utilities: 15083

     Federal Tax ID: 86-6000262
     State Tax ID: 07-004570N


      City of Tempe W-9 PDF
IRS W-9 fillable PDF 
Credit References PDF 
W-2 Request Form XLS

Accounts Payable

In order to serve you better, the following information may be required: Your company name and contact person, invoice number, invoice date, and invoice amount, City department and contact person who placed the order.

Please contact the following representative based on the first letter in your company's name:
      A to H
I to Z
Kimberly Williams 480-350-8502
Ramona Zapien 480-350-8357 

For general Accounts Payable inquiries, email us at

Compliance with A.R.S. § 41-4602 PDF 
Governing Board
Administrative Head
Taxes: a) general PDF; b) local and per capita PDF; c) statewide average1
Special Elections
Link to official internet website required by section 41-725
Debt PDF
    1 Information currently unavailable from State of Arizona


Accounting Staff

 Meet the Accounting Staff PDF