The Internal Services Department (ISD) provides a wide range of services and operational support to the City of Tempe organization. ISD consists of three divisions - Finance, Human Resources and Information Technology.

  • Finance is responsible for accounting, cash management, facilities management, payroll, purchasing, risk management, sales tax, business licensing and utility billing.
  • Human Resources is responsible for hiring, compensation, employee benefits, employee development and employee relations.
  • Information Technology is responsible for coordinating all of the city's information and telecommunications systems.

Contact Us:

Internal Services - Administration
P.O. Box 5002, MS 02-7
Tempe AZ 85280

Renie Broderick, Internal Services Director
Phone: 480.350.8407

Thomas F. Duensing, Deputy Internal Services Director-Finance
Phone: 480.350.8505 

Jon O'Connor, Deputy Internal Services Director-Human Resources
Phone: 480.350.8423

Mark Wittenburg, Deputy Internal Services Director-Information Technology
Phone: 480.350.8237